Will Lemon

Enki Tile - Multi

Inspired by antiquity, early writing systems, and ancient symbology, artist Will Lemon creates decorative resin tiles that are hand-carved and cast in Los Angeles.  Stemming from his experience in block-printing, the first medium in which he began working, each tile is unique and is hand-painted or airbrushed.  These custom styles were made exclusively for Kneeland Co. Rarities. 

Measurements: 3 x 6 in.

Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks.  Each tile is made by hand and will contain slight variations. 

Please contact us for samples: contact@kneelandco.com

William Lemon III (b.1978, San Jose, CA) began his art career in the late ‘90s, shortly after attending the Culinary Academy in San Francisco.  While working in the medium of block-printing, he found himself drawn to New York’s scene of young artists, musicians, and designers in the early 2000s where he had his first group exhibition in 2003.  Always experimenting, his work expanded to include assemblage, printmaking, photo-chemical manipulation, tapestry, collage, sculpture, ‘Skin Printing’ (an advanced makeup application technique he invented), 3D installation, fashion design, and music.  His most recent work includes hand engraved tiling using airbrush.  Lemon has collaborated with Studio Shamshiri to design and produce custom pieces for the Ace Hotel in New Orleans and his work has been featured in projects for Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Marc Jacobs, Lady Gaga and more.  He has worked as Creative Director for M·A·C cosmetics, Supreme Modeling Agency, and DLJ RECP, for whom he is currently West Coast Creative Director.  He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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