Anton Nazarko

Anton Nazarko (b. 1981, Alberta, Canada) began making art as a teenager when he taught himself how to screen print t-shirts for his skateboard crew.  In his early twenties, he purchased a 2-ton letterpress printer and learned to register type and mix color to create stationary and art prints.  While attending Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, where he received his BFA, Anton worked as a graphic designer and illustrator.  Simultaneously, he started to explore fashion by experimenting with dyes and studying the construction of clothing and materials.  In 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to work with the brand Raquel Allegra and spent 12 years developing their signature handmade dye and wash program.  The rigorousness and high output required in the fashion industry helped to hone the artistic vocabulary that informs his art practice, centered on creating textiles and fabric assemblage.  Through hand dyeing and hand painting fabrics, he creates custom color palettes and approaches each assemblage as a textural poem – combining and layering various silks into forms that reimagine the beauty of the natural world.  Early 19th century decorative arts and jewelry and Pre-Raphaelite painting all serve as a source of inspiration, shown in the textures and contrast of his work.  He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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