Kneeland Co. was founded in 2010 by Joanna Williams as a framework for sharing her ever evolving collection of discoveries and inspirations. As an homage to her family’s love of discovery and travel, she named the company after her maternal side, specifically her Irish grandfather and great-grandfather, the latter of which fought alongside Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution after leaving his home of Scotland, while the former built an 85-foot schooner to sail the open seas before raising Joanna’s mother and nine siblings in a historic district of Mexico City.

Now, headquartered in Los Angeles, catering to this pedigree in spirit, Kneeland Co.’s services are categorized along four avenues; as a textile archive, a brick and mortar retail store, an online store, and an advisory service. As a thoughtfully assembled textile archive, Kneeland Co. offers designers inspiration for developing their collections, operating in a business-to-business capacity. Opened in March 2020, Joanna expanded to include a retail storefront with Kneeland Co. Rarities located in the neighborhood of West Adams. Reflecting her extensive travels, the store focuses on one-of-a-kind, globally sourced home goods, jewelry, and art, celebrating the unique history and significance of each piece. With regard to advising, drawing on the expertise of over a decade working in fashion, textiles and interiors, Kneeland Co. offers specially tailored visions for the enhancement of both residential and commercial spaces.