Gregory Parkinson Surround

Block-Printed Tablecloth - Sunflower Dot


Inspired by materials, process, and technique, Gregory Parkinson textiles are double block-printed in India to achieve a contemporary feel while still honoring a centuries old tradition. Color, pattern, and decoration are Gregory’s signature - as seen in this collection of tablecloths, pillows and napkins.

Materials: linen and cotton

Measurements: 94 x 55 in.

Care Instructions: 

Do not dry clean, do not use bleach. Use organic detergents or gentle soap. Please note that due to this fabric composition, care must be taken when drying. Color will fade with excessive washing and drying.

The crumpled effect after washing is normal. For a less wrinkled look, use extra fabric softener and conditioning dryer sheets: use delicate setting drying for 20 minutes. Smooth fabric and hang after removing from dryer. 

Iron on reverse to smooth edges 

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