Sunday Six 9/3/23

Tropical Modernism in West Africa: I’ve been getting deep into Tropical Modernism, the minimalist architectural style that embraces the elements of a tropical climate and environment - my favorite. Tropical architecture originated in the 19th century across the British, French, and Dutch empires, and it became tied to the history of colonialism when European modernist architects traveled to Africa and Asia to experiment with building.  What I’ve really become enthralled by is the movement in West Africa and the V&A’s recent project with La Biennale di Venezia: Tropical Modernism: Architecture and Power in West Africa.  Architectural historians have focused mostly on European architects in Africa, but this show shines a light on the architects in the continent who were also pioneers in the movement.

Sergio Hernández: On a recent trip to Mexico City, I visited the Colegio de San Ildefonso to see the mind-bending Sergio Hernández exhibition that holds two decades of work made in his Oaxaca studio.  Divided into four sections: History, Universe, Mythology, and Nature - it’s filled with paintings and engravings that take you on a pre-Hispanic trip filled with dreams, nightmares, omens, nymphs, sea creatures, and so much more.

Lost Hills Podcast: My good friend Lee recommended this thrilling true crime podcast and I can’t get enough. Hosted by the great Dana Goodyear, Season 3 explores the dark underbelly of Malibu surf culture and the legendary surfer Miki Dora, a total badass in the water who also happened to be a conman, leading the FBI on a 7-year manhunt.  It’s SO GOOD.

Criterion Channel: Hip-Hop and High School Horror, that’s all you need.  Watch last month's release of 16 of hip-hop’s greatest films, starting with Wild Style from 1982. Then make your way to Donnie Darko in Criterion’s newest selection of horror films that all take place in the teenage hallways of high school.

Wonderful Workshops Jaipur: My lovely friends who run Wonderful Workshops in Jaipur are hosting a new course with the amazing textile artist, Susan Cianciolo, next February.  Textile Transformation will be focused on repurposing, opening up “a conversation to waste, recycling, and sustainable mindsets within the creative practice, closely linked to healing modalities related to consciousness and ascension.”  Traditional Indian textile techniques such as weaving and natural dyeing will be taught onsite during the week long workshop.  
Kneeland Co. Playlist:  Hot Hot Heat.