Sunday Six

A Villa by Studio Luca Guadagnino: The thing about filmmaker Luca Guadagnino that I love is his ability to convey a mood through a cinematic lens that marries storytelling with atmosphere, quietly seducing by way of European design, a carefully considered soundtrack, and emotional vulnerability.  His foray into interior design is an extension of the irresistible dreamscapes he creates, shown so perfectly in this villa he designed in Italy that is a masterpiece revealed in color and materials.
Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel:  I’m finally reading this and it has been occupying a good part of my brain these last couple of weeks.  To be a woman working as an artist in postwar America was nothing short of courageous, and this epic story of how five women struggled and thrived while forging their way in a male-dominated art world is revelatory and deeply inspiring.
Shellegance x Anthony Shapiro Vases:  Cape Town artist Lucie de Moyencourt makes spectacularly beautiful ceramic shells that are decorative treasures, and I wish I could transport myself to London where she’s showing her designs at The Shop Flore Pop-Up.  What I’m really lusting after are her vases made in collaboration with artist Anthony Shapiro, a collection of glazed seashells in all my favorite beach hues. 
Sadamasa Motonaga: I went to Karma to see the work of Japanese artist Sadamasa Motonaga, a self-taught painter and founding member of Gutai Art Association - the avant-garde artist movement that was formed in 1954 in Ashiya, Japan.  What I love the most about his paintings are the use of primary colors mixed with intensely vivid shades of purple, and the airbrush technique that surrounds biomorphic shapes inspired by manga characters he drew in his childhood.  Two particular paintings, Howa Howa and Untitled, remind me of yantra symbols in tantra paintings, both in form and the way they are seemingly surrounded by light or energy.  This is one of my favorite shows I’ve seen this year. 
Schumacher Butterfly Épinglé: I live for a good épinglé fabric, like this ‘70s-inspired butterfly from Schumacher that just found its way to me, begging to be used on a long and low sofa. 
Kneeland Co. Playlist: Some jams for what feels like a slow-moving Spring.