Sunday Six

Pauline Karpidas in WOI:  There are two women whose distinct points of view I admire when it comes to collecting and championing art, both for their righteous taste and intrepid elegance.  One is the late Dominique de Menil who founded the Menil Collection in Houston, and the other is Pauline Karpidas - the British art collector who founded Hydra Workshop, showing artwork in a waterfront gallery on the Greek island for nearly 20 years while also displaying her infallible trove of furniture, sculpture, and paintings in her home.  One of my favorite recent reads was a feature on her home, also located on Hydra, in the November issue of World of Interiors.  The Oriental salon decorated in ikat textiles and a mural by Saint Clair Cumin is a thing of sheer beauty.  
Pina Bausch The Rite of Spring:  A highlight of 2023 was taking in a performance of Pina Bausch’s The Rite of Spring at the Armory while visiting New York last week, so eloquently reenacted by 36 dancers from 14 African countries.  I have always been captivated by her choreography, and seeing this important 1975 piece was like witnessing a revolution.  It was both expansive and transportive, and gave a burning and soulful answer to Bausch’s question: “How would you dance, if you knew you were going to die?”  A perfect end to the year, summoning a new season.
Cinabre Les Suites: This is a room I keep returning to over and over in Cinabre Les Suites in Paris, designed by Necchi Architecture.  I love the record player and amp inset in rose colored upholstered furniture beneath Pierre Frey’s Rêveries Indiennes fabric and wallpaper, sunlight pouring in. 
Dream in the Rhythm by Grace Wales Bonner:  I’ve been immersed in this wonderful book by London-based designer Grace Wales Bonner, published for the current MoMa exhibition, Artist’s Choice: Grace Wales Bonner - Spirit Movers.  It’s a personal meditation on and around Black expression filled with photos, poems, and scores by artists including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Nikki Giovanni, Agnes Martin and more. 
Marie Laurencin: I adore the work of French painter Marie Laurencin and was thrilled to read about her exhibition at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, one of my favorite institutions to see artwork that feels as if you’re inside the home and scrupulous mind of Dr. Albert Barnes.  The Laurencin that forever holds my heart is Deux jeunes femmes à la guitare, painted in 1948.
Kneeland Co. Playlist: It’s pouring rain in LA as I type this, so the playlist matches the mood.  Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season filled with an endless amount of Love.