Sunday Six 11/6/22

Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery:  I’m really looking forward to visiting the new Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery in New York, focused on collectible design and decorative arts. The gallery’s first show, ’Substance in a Cushion’, is named after a Gertrude Stein poem and showcases the work of various artists such as Gaetano Pesce and Jordan McDonald alongside antique and vintage pieces, including a Flemish tapestry and William Morris chairs.  I’m particularly drawn to the chair dressing by LA-based artist Kristin Dickson-Okuda and have been fantasizing about the glass vessels for perfume and incense by Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi. 

Deborah Turbeville: Wallflower:  I first learned of photographer Deborah Turbeville after discovering Malcolm McLaren’s Madam Butterfly video, inspired  by Turbeville’s seductive bathhouse photos taken for Vogue in 1975.  The video was made in 1984, and it was sometime in the early ‘90s that I heard it playing at a club that I was way too young to be at.  Burned in my memory for life. There’s not a song like it, or a video like it.  I became completely intrigued by Deborah Turbeville and her melancholic soft-focus style, and began to collect her books.  Published in 1978, her first book titled Wallflower remains my favorite for its sensuality and slightly sinister mood.  Models in washed out pink dresses lounging about are of a certain time and aesthetic that only Turbeville could capture.

Non Plus Temps: A couple of months ago a friend turned me onto the post-punk indie band Non Plus Temps and I couldn’t stop listening to their single, Continuous Hinge.  I loved the raw energy and I especially loved the dub influence.  The album, Desire Choir,  was just released on Friday and it’s been on solid repeat over here.

Sally Breer in T Magazine: The bedroom of interior designer Sally Breer recently featured in T Magazine is one of the most inspiring domestic situations I’ve come across in a long time.  The peach curtains and walls paired with a blue and brown chintzy bed cover is A+.

Free Jazz: 12 Films, The Criterion Channel:  I’m so psyched about The Criterion Channel’s Free Jazz films they just released this month, some new to me and some that I’ve watched countless times.  Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Eric Dolphy, and other profound visionaries not only started one of the greatest movements in music and sound, but they also left their mark on cinema and these 12 films are an “eye and ear-opening journey bringing together definitive records of the movement.”  I just watched the French cult classic Les Stances à Sophie which features a score by the Art Ensemble of Chicago.  It’s wild and weird and I’m completely obsessed.

Sondra Meszaros IG: I recently came across the Instagram feed of artist and researcher Sondra Meszaros and was blown away by her impeccable eye.  Images of women in costume, film stills, musicians, and iconic photos by Koto Bolofo; Diane Arbus; Francesca Woodman and many more are nothing short of thrilling.  I always discover something new here.