Sunday Six

Pull of the Thread: Hali Publications is my favorite publisher of books on textile arts for their thoroughly researched stories and point of view.  Based in London but with editorial coverage around the globe, Hali covers all cultures and multiple periods and dives deep into each subject.  Their most recent book, Pull of the Thread: Textile Travels of a Generation, was written by Sheila Fruman and offers a glimpse into the well-traveled lives of 9 dealers and collectors who tell their stories of unearthing some of the finest textiles in the world.   
Sharpe and Numan, Change Your Mind: I spend an obscene amount of time watching '80s music videos and digging up the nostalgic jams of my youth. This will always be one of my favorite songs, recorded by the great Gary Numan alongside Bill Sharpe of the English jazz-funk band Shakatak.  It’s completely singular in style, much like all the music I was massively influenced by at a young age.  On a recent trip to Houston, my brother and I had a ridiculously good time listening to this on a mix of the very best new wave, goth, and industrial songs from Club 6400 - the legendary underground Houston spot in the '80s and '90s.  There will never, ever be anything more cool.  This is where it’s at.  
The English Boys: I adore everything made by Iefke De Roos of The English Boys, including these little plates with a big message.  
Secret Structure by Jason Thompson: WSJ Gallery is one of my must-visits on every trip to London.  Run by the loveliest duo with exceptional taste, Rosanna Wilson Stephens and Rita Jones always manage to curate impressive collections of fine and decorative art by both established and under the radar artists.  Claudia Rankin, whose work can be found at Kneeland Co. Rarities, is shown at WSJ as well as Jason Thompson - who is currently exhibiting new paintings that I’ve been obsessively admiring. 
Té Ahorita at Salón Rosetta: My dear friend Su Wu teamed up with Studio Ima for a collaboration with Salón Rosetta in Mexico City for a classic afternoon tea experience.  Inspired by tea traditions around the world, the project focuses on contemporary teawares made by artists and designers and the most delectable pastries and teas made in-house at Rosetta.  It lasts until November 11th, should you find yourself in Mexico City. (Photos by Alejandro Ramirez Orozco) 
Kneeland Co. Playlist: It’s Called New Wave and it will forever be my favorite genre of music.  These are a few of the bangers that I hold close to my heart.