Sunday Six 6/11/23

Christy Matson at Philip Martin Gallery: My friend Christy Matson is an incredibly talented textile artist whose work always blows my mind.  Christy combines painting and hand weaving while using a digital process to complete her works on a Jacquard loom.  “The Cloud,” an exhibition of her wall-mounted pieces opens this weekend at Philip Martin Gallery in Los Angeles.

Con Duende: This is one of the most beautiful short surf films I’ve seen, capturing the essence of French long boarder Clovis Donizetti as he travels through southern Spain exploring the parallels between surfing and flamenco with his comrade Jules Lepecheux.  An inspiring, cinematic dreamscape.Checkerboard Fantasy: I think this might be the only pool house that ever mattered.  I dig the moody color palette of this Long Island dream spot featured in AD, enhanced by the Moroccan checkerboard tiles and black lines.  The giant crystals make it feel a little out of this world, which is a good place to be. 

Lucia Massari: I love Italian designer Lucia Massari’s take on Venetian mask mirrors, made with Murano glass.  Rosettes, swirls, flowers, and leaves are all thoughtfully combined to create both mirrors and lighting that are wildly gorgeous.

Minton Factory Designs: If I had to make a list of my top 5 favorite pastimes, high tea would make the cut: The Glenburn Penthouse in Kolkata for indulging in teas that are harvested from their estate in Darjeeling, Claridge's in London for long afternoons gossiping with friends, and The Ritz in Paris for supreme decadence.  One of life’s most simple yet luxurious pleasures dates back thousands of years, when tea was a precious commodity.  I came across this story from 1989 while doing a deep dive on the World of Interiors website, describing the china and tea-services produced by England's Minton Factory with pattern books of the watercolor designs that were put into production.  I love tea as much as I love the china in which it’s served, and this is making me yearn for a visit to the museum of the Minton factory in Stoke-on-Trent to marvel at these enchanting designs.

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