Q & A with Lucas Rise

1. You grew up in Buenos Aires and began painting posters and murals at the age of 12.  How did you get started painting and what were some of the first murals you painted?

At the age of 12, my parents called me and said they had a gift for me, I had no idea what it would be. When I walked into their room there were a lot of paint cans and brushes…and for many years I thought that that was the gift, but I realized that the gift was when they told me I could start painting on any wall in the house. I painted the whole house - those were my murals and I haven’t stopped since.

2. You’ve mentioned that your grandfather had a major influence on your creativity at a young age.  What was it that he taught you, or inspired in you?

Living in a rural town, the circus visited every month and he was the biggest fruit and veggie producer in the town. Each month he donated fruit and veggies to the circus for their animals — in exchange for VIP tickets to the show. Each month I went to the circus with my siblings. The experience of movement and color and joy was what opened my eyes into the vast world of creativity and composition.

3. At what point in your career did you decide to start designing furniture, and what was the first piece you made?

I was 16 when I painted my first cabinet and in 2004, my style matured into what it is now.

4. Pattern and color are your signature, and the 3D details you incorporate into each design really take them both to another level.  The geometric shapes come to life and each work of art takes on its own personality.  It’s incredibly impressive, as it's not easy to do!  What comes first in the design process?  Is it an idea, a sketch, a pattern?

Thank you. Literally it comes from my imagination connected to my heart. I want to create pieces that cause happiness. Creating harmony between composition comes easily to me. I’d say it has a lot to do with the circuses from my childhood, as well as my traveling throughout the world, diving deep into each culture.  

5. Your influences range from Fauvism to Art Deco to Russian art.  What is it about each movement that inspires you?  

Fauvism — Bright colors

Art Deco — Symmetry and clean lines

Russian Art — The dynamism

6. You designed the greatest mirrors of all time for Kneeland Co. Rarities, each one completely unique.  We talked beforehand about colors and monkeys - haha - and you went wild.  Was there anything specific that moved you when it came to designing this collection?

I wanted to create from the happiness of the monkeys. I saw them as a happy couple holding a diamond. This led me to continue the other mirrors from the sensation of joy, as that is all I want to give to whomever chooses to have the piece in their home. This collection was inspired by the joy of life and all of its love to give.

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