Our story
An Inspiration Resource and Design Concept Studio

Kneeland co. was founded in 2010 by Joanna Williams as a way of sharing her discoveries, resources, inspiration, and ideas. As an homage to her family’s love of travel, she named the company after her late grandfather, an avid explorer who built an 85-foot schooner so he could sail the seas. Her Irish great-grandfather, who fought with Pancho Villa in the Mexican Revolution after leaving his home of Scotland, settled in Mexico City and started a family business that still continues today. He built three homes in a beautiful historic neighborhood where Joanna’s mother and her nine siblings were raised by their Irish father and Mexican mother. The siblings later established residences in Guatemala, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, and various parts of the US. A great sense of adventure resides within the Kneeland family.

Located in Los Angeles, the endeavor is both a resource library for those who want to immerse themselves in creativity and a consulting service for designers who seek out Joanna to bring her world to them. Her clients include global lifestyle brands, luxury and contemporary fashion design studios, and interior designers. The studio has collaborated on merchandise and content curation with major brands and has been featured in publications including The New York Times T Magazine, VOGUE, and WSJ.