Haas Angeles

The First LA Exhibition from The Haas Brothers

Last weekend I visited the United Talent Agency (UTA) Artist Space  downtown to see Haas Angeles, the first (and largest) exhibition in Los Angeles by The Haas Brothers.  Spanning six years of their career, the Austin raised and LA-based brothers are currently showing older works while paying homage to LA with new works such as sculptural furniture; 3_D paintings; palm tree and cactus murals, and the most inspiring detailed ceramics that remind me of weird sea creatures, all made as a single artwork representing the color spectrum.  Known for using mixed materials to create psychedelic pieces in various mediums, as well as their interest in color theory – The Haas Brothers are completely in their own zone, shunning conventionalism and exploring unknown territory that is totally uplifting and is a welcome departure from the very commercialized art world.  Their work exemplifies quality craftsmanship and true artistry.  I was really drawn to the ceramics over the larger sculptural figures, but my absolute favorite pieces were the colorful beaded animal sculptures.  Looking at them made me wish that I had made them.