Grainne Morton

The most exquisite jewelry

My Studio Director, Stefani, recently turned me on to Edinburgh-based jewelry designer Grainne Morton. Grainne makes the most exquisite jewelry using found objects, incorporating vintage charms and stones into her pieces. Opals, turquoise, moonstone, garnets, and mother of pearl are combined with gold to create mobile-like earrings and necklaces. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, like a small work of art to both treasure and wear. There’s a Georgian sensibility to Grainne’s work, and I have always gravitated towards antique Georgian jewelry. My wedding ring, which is over 300-years-old, is Georgian. It’s set with rose cut diamonds and emeralds, and it was my first piece of Georgian jewelry. I’m slowly starting to build a collection, and Grainne’s earrings are at the top of my jewelry wish list.