Textiles & Consulting


Cultivated through over two decades of global travel, the Kneeland Co. textile collection offers inspiration from every decade and major design movement from the 18th century to today. Curated for the fashion, home, and beauty industries, the range includes antique and vintage prints; jacquards; lace/eyelet; embroideries; wallpaper; embellishments; yarn dyes; and specialty goods, as well as contemporary textiles made exclusively for Kneeland Co. by communities in far flung corners of the world. Each piece has been hand-selected using elements that relate to design today, whether that is a particular color, pattern, texture, technique, sense of provenance, or heritage. Available by appointment, the vast archive provides visual inspiration and reference for creative teams across the spectrum of design disciplines.


Kneeland Co. offers comprehensive consulting services for fashion and interiors brands including sourcing, seasonal concepting, and curation. Each project’s unique approach is driven by the client’s needs and vision. Culling from a vast archive of images, textiles, garments, and ephemera, Kneeland Co. delivers fully formed concepts realized through a mix of mediums that best tell the story including imagery, vintage clothing and accessories, and decorative objects. With over a decade’s worth of experience scouring the globe, archiving, and developing a network of trusted and coveted resources, Kneeland Co.’s expertise lies in bringing to light undiscovered beauty.