Specializing in uniquely appointed decorative objects and artwork to enhance both commercial and residential spaces.

In that we are reflected in our environment, Kneeland Co’s approach for creating the most compelling surroundings is imbued in a celebration of mixing eras and genres. Where, for instance, Aztec curios mingle with souvenirs of the Jamaican sound clashes and color stories by Miró, for a new, undiscovered beauty. 

Directed by an aesthetic tied to a love for the worlds of cinema, art, music and culture, all of a certain regard, our services result from an expertise honed over a decade consulting in textile, fashion and interiors as well as sojourns treasure collecting from around the globe. Drawing from thoughtfully selected art pieces, decorative objects, textiles, and ephemera, either found or specifically commissioned from an international network of similarly inspired minds, our unique visions offer a depth of character revealing themselves in exquisitely tailored stories encompassing multitudes.